Sunday, February 3, 2013

Syndicate Competitive League

About a year ago I ran a tournament called The Syndicate Alliance Tournament.  It was a group of eight alliances around Syndicate that I brought together to do a double elimination ten man tournament.  The rules were identical to the previous Alliance Tournament.  I didn't do very much publicity because to me it was just to get practice for ATX.  All in all it was successful, but a lot of work.

After the NEO tournament took place my friend Dradius approached me about helping him to put together a circuit style tournament for eve.  I liked the idea, and being number number two on a project like this is a lot easier than being in charge.  Things ramped up pretty fast.  CCP has been amazing in offering us support.  Seldarine from Suddenly Spaceships and the Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters NEO team came on board and has been helping us immensely with art assets and points balancing.

The format for this tournament is eight team eight man double elimination tournament with each set being a best-of-three.  What this means is that Team A is matches up against Team B and they do match one.   After match one is over players get a short period of time to get back in to ships before they're moved back to the arena.  First team to two wins takes the set. If you lose, you're placed into the loser's bracket and have another chance to fight your way into the finals.  Where you place in the tournament gets you points that affect your position in the season.

We're going to be running tournaments once a month, or once every two months.  A large benefit of this circuit style set up is that you, the viewer, get a chance to learn who the teams are, and it gives you a chance to follow your favorite team's progression throughout the season.  The best-of-three format also takes a lot of the meta game and lucky counter setups out of the equation and really allows teams to show off their skill.

We now have our website up, which I will link at the end of the post, and we have some great ideas that we should have implemented hopefully by our first tournament, but if not by the second.

Firstly We have a page dedicated to listing teams, their story, and their players.  Those teams and players will all link directly to the SCL killboard so you'll be able to follow their kills and their losses, and a brief description of every pilot.  This is something that I'm working on, and it probably wont be done for a while.

Provided we can make everything mesh with, we're going to have a bracket archive showing all of the matches that have taken place.  By clicking on a match it will take you to the set and you can see each match in the best-of-three.  Inside of  this page you'll be able to click on each individual match and either go to the Vod or to the killboard link.  This is a HUGE undertaking, so don't expect it right away.

Our forums are up, albeit mostly quiet at the moment.  Feel free to register and ask us any questions you might have.  If you're a competitor in the tournament, or you want to be some day, make sure to register with your in game name.

Staff is currently:
Dradius - Project Lead and Production Staff
GunniH - Web Design and Production Staff
Brent - Lead Broom Pusher, Production Staff, Commentator
Seldarine - Art, Commentator
Lazarus Telraven - Commentator

Check out the website at

First tournament is February 23-24th.  We look forward to seeing you all there.  If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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